Emeritus Professor of Political Science and International Relations, and Jean Monnet Chair Ad Personam at the University of Catania. Former Chair of the Italian Association of Political Science (SISP), he served in the governing bodies of ECPR, ISA and Italian ECSA. Visiting professor at universities in America, Asia and Europe, he is the author of The Global Political System, Palgrave, 2011 (also published in Italian, Spanish, and Russian); the editor of The politics and policies of relief, aid and reconstruction. Contrasting approaches to disasters and emergencies, Palgrave, 2012; and the co-editor of Multilateral Security and ESDP Operations, Ashgate, 2010. His recent past research work and publications are in the field of EU’s management of the migration crisis, multilateral security, and humanitarian and emergency actions. He is presently researching about the declining world order and exit to next world order.

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