H2020 – TransCrisis (TC) Project Enhancing the EU’s Transboundary Crisis Management Capacities: Strategies for Multi-Level Leadership

WP 5.2 Managing the Immigration Crisis: Inter-Institutional Co-operation and External Relations – Principal Investigator Fulvio Attinà


TransCrisis analyses the capacities of political leaders in EU institutions and member states to fulfil leadership functions. EU is facing threats that escalate across national borders and policy domains. EU member states must collaborate to address these transboundary crises. The project brings together researchers from eight institutions: London School of Economics and Political Science (Coordinating institution) (UK), Crisis Plan B.V. (NL), Central European University (HU), Universiteit Utrecht (NL), Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (ES), Universita degli Studi di Catania (IT), Think Tank EUROPA (DK).

The aims and objectives of the WP 5.2 Managing the Immigration Crisis: Inter-Institutional Co-operation and External Relations, at the University of Catania, are to explore the inter-institutional co-operation between EU institutions in handling the immigration crisis and how external relations affect transboundary crisis management, through documentary analysis and assessment of existing public opinion data on European citizens’ attitudes about migration, and to provide recommendations as to how EU transboundary crisis management capacity can be advanced in the case of crises on the EU’s borders.

See the interim report.


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